It’s time for presents! Congratulations to Danielle (Canada)

Our first Lotto Game in Hebrew goes to Danielle, (daughter of Yvette Sabi) for her wonderful artwork based on our free online lesson “Making hamantaschen for Purim with plasticine“. Danielle is 4 years old. She lives in Richmond, BC, Canada. Big Congrats to Little Artist!
Create together with us! Send photos of your art and win prizes.

Curly Orli Lotto Game is now available in Hebrew!

We are pleased to announce recent news from Curly Orli! Curly Orli Lotto Game is now available in Hebrew!
Children can play in multiple languages including, English, Russian and Hebrew.
Product ordering information: Buy Curly Orli Lotto Game in Hebrew.

Curly Orli Lotto Game Credits: Idea, text, graphic design and illustrations: Lana Lagoonca (LUNART consulting), Photographer: Leon Shkolnik, English Translator: Mar’yana Fisher, Text Editor: Joanne Beauchamp. Russian Text Editors: Irina Donskaya ( and Galina Danilova, Hebrew Translators: Ilana Tserlin and Ryvka Goldberg Feigelstock, Hebrew Text Editor: Ilana Tserlin.