April 6, 2012. The Jewish Western Bulletin – “The Jewish Independent”.

Creating a Children’s Book by Cynthia Ramsay


P.S. I would like to extend my gratitude to the editor Basya Laye, who showed an interest in my project and also to Cynthia Ramsay who conducted an interview. Also, I am thankful to my colleague-translator, Mar’ana Fisher who helped with english translations. The interview questions touched upon various topics that were challenging to answer even in my mother tongue. With love, Lana Lagoonca


April 7, 2012 Russian Literary Portal Knigozavr. Book review by Jenni Perova.

Пластилиновая Кёрли, ревью Дженни Перовой:

“Поскольку я удивительным образом сохранила ум шестилетнего ребенка, эта книжка – как раз для меня! Подозреваю, что и английского моего на нее вполне хватит, во-первых, потому, что рассчитана книжка на детей от трех до десяти лет, а во-вторых, потому что там очень много картинок – и картинки эти не простые, а пластилиновые!

Итак, жила-была прекрасная Принцесса”… Read more.


November 18, 2011 “Vancouver and us” Russian newspaper article, No.22 (379):



November 4, 2011 “Vancouver and us” Russian newspaper article, No.21 (378):

about Curly Orli



October 1, 2011 ScrapMagie article: Children’s book and October Sneak Peeks.

“I am very honored to announce the release of the Lana Lagoonca book on Vancouver “Curly Orli Goes To Vancouver”. I had the great pleasure to be among its sponsors…” Read More.


September 27, 2011 Liubov Tabunidze (Art Embroidery) article: Unusual way for embroidery.

“Imagine where you can use embroidery. You can embroider on cloth, leather, paper and even on the tree! Yes, yes, do not be surprised. Balsa wood is perfect for this.
And the embroidery can be used … in graphic design! How is it?…” Read More