Lana Lagoonca (real given name Lana Ayelet Shahar-Kulik) is a modern graphic designer, author and illustrator. She was born in 1971 in the city of Riga (Latvia). In 1995, Lana moved to Israel with her family, where she studied Visual Communications at Askola-Meimad, Tel Aviv`s College of Art and Design. In 2008 Lana immigrated to Canada from Israel and gave birth to a graphic design company called Lunart Consulting. Lana lives happily with her husband, Vlad, and daughter, Naomi, in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

To my readers,

I have worked as a graphic designer and illustrator since 2002. I love to create! That is why my profession is my passion. After I welcomed a daughter in 2007 and discovered the world through a child’s eyes once again, I decided to devote my professional career to children’s art. I became determined to create bright and educational books for children.

While living in Vancouver, I fell in love with the city and that is how my idea of plasticized Curly Orli came to life.

I arrived in Canada from Israel, a country where everybody is dreaming about peace. I strongly believe that the future of our country depends on us. Let’s help our children to direct their energy into a fruitful direction.

Love the city you live in! Go for a walk in any weather! Learn to see the miracles around yourself! Share your impressions with each other! Create and fantasize! Those are the ideas I want to deliver to my little readers.

Colourful, educational books such as «Curly Orli Goes To Vancouver» will help children open their eyes to the beauty all around them.

Lana Lagoonca