June 16, 2012

Create beautiful Father’s day present with your child!

1. Let’s take 1 piece of plasticine or play dough. Flatten it with a cup.

2. Cut out 3 pieces of clay with the help of a plastic knife or toothpick (1 – for the bottom and 2 – for the sides of the boat)

3. Join one side of the boat to the bottom.

4. Add a second side.

5. Join the sides of the boat with its bottom.

6. Slightly widen the sides of your boat.

7. Now it’s time to make a mast. Let’s take another piece of clay. Roll it on the table with the finger.

8. In order to strengthen the mast make a small indentation in the bottom of the boat with a help of pen or pencil.

9. Join a mast with the boat.

10. Now, let’s create the sails. Take another piece of clay and flatten it with a cup. Cut out the rectangle with the help of a plastic knife or toothpick.

11. Slightly band the resulted square toward the edges.

12. Join a sail with the mast. The ship is ready!

13. Decorate the boat. Create heart with clay and add it to the boat or cut out daddy’s photo and attach to the boat. Improvise!
Happy sailing! Happy Father’s day!