Spring is the time of nature awakening, and we always enjoy so many vibrant and beautiful colors and shades. Spring is when we celebrate a unique and important for Jewish people holiday – the Passover. Let’s try and make together a festive Passover postcard with a spring butterfly against flowery background.
This is the moment when we can unleash our fantasy and imagination! There are so many beautiful butterflies in the world – it is impossible to count. That is why there no strict rules in art projects. All we need is your creativity dear young artists. There is a challenge in this project: you will need to repeat your own design. It is because both wings of the butterfly have to be exactly the same in design and texture.

Have brown, black, blue, yellow, purple, green, pink and other colors plasticine you have at home ready. You will also need toothpicks. Now let’s get started!
1) Take brown plasticine and make butterfly’s head, thorax (torso) and abdomen. (Picture 1)
2) Put all butterfly body parts together. Make black antennae (butterfly’s whiskers). After that make and attach blue eyes and pink mouth. (Picture 2)
3) Take yellow plasticine and make one wing, attach it to the body from the left top side. Make one more wing – purple – and attach it underneath the yellow wing. (Picture 3)
4) Use your fingers to make wings smooth. (Picture 4)

5) Now make and attach identical to the left side two wings on the right top side. Make them smooth too. (Picture 5)
6) Make beautiful ornaments for the top left yellow wing using, for example, green, blue, purple, red and pink colors, just like we did. You can use the colors of your choice too. (Picture 6)
7) Repeat the same design on the top right yellow wing. (Picture 7)
8) Using the same technique make colorful ornaments for two bottom wings – on the left side and on the right side. You may use yellow, orange and blue colors to do that. Now your butterfly is ready! (Picture 8)
9) If you use a prop, for example, attach the butterfly you made to a piece of wire or a thin stick and take a picture of it against any flowery background and then print out this image, you will have your own beautiful Passover postcard with a fluttering butterfly.

Model with plasticine, be creative, and use your imagination dear readers! Happy Passover to you and your families.

*Special for Jewish Independent.

Spring butterfly for Passover 2016