In anticipation of Jewish Holiday, Passover, Curly Orli and I are making a cute froggy. Historically, frogs were one of the ten plagues of Passover. Besides, frogs are believed to be the bringers of spring!!!
These days, they are happily hopping in parks and forests after long winter slumber. Now you can have one of them at home… plasticine that is 🙂

1. Prepare green plasticine. Separate it into pieces for different body parts: eyes, head, torso and 2 pairs of legs.

2. Using white and blue plasticine, make eyes. With the help of a toothpick make a nose by poking two holes, then a mouth and finally add a red tongue.

3. From earlier prepared pieces, lets make a lower part of the body and legs. Attach them together.

Passover Plasticine Frog4. Connect upper and lower body. The froggy is ready!

5-6. Our froggy is festive and joyous, so lets add to him a beautiful flower. Lets make petals from various small and round colourful plasticine pieces. Make them pointy at the end.


7. Lets add petals to the flower and connect it to the stem.

8. Now, we will give this flower to the froggy. Our creation is complete.

Happy Passover for all our readers! We wish you Peace, Joy and new Creative Adventures.

Passover Plasticine Frog

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