April 1, 2012

Passover is coming and we invite you to make Your Own Passover matzah. Matzah (or Matzo) is an unleavened bread traditionally eaten instead of bread by Jews during the week-long Passover holiday. Let’s get to work! Please, prepare a few pieces of plasticine or play-doh.

Preparing My Own Matzah with plasticine.

1. Let’s take 1 piece of plasticine.

2. Flatten it with a cup.

3. Cut out the square with the help of a plastic knife or toothpick.

4. Then make pinholes with a toothpick.

Children like to do that!

5. Let’s take another piece of plasticine. Add brown colour to your matzah and around the edges, improvise!

6. Get Your Own Passover Matzah. Yummy!

A happy and healthy Kosher Passover everyone!

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