Dear readers! It’s that special time of year again when we celebrate Chanukah, that is why Curly Orli and I prepared for you and your children this holiday lesson. The children will be able to play with these toys or give it to their loved ones as holidays gifts. You may also take a picture of your crafts and turn it into a beautiful holiday card.

Today, we will create a few popular symbols of Chanukah: Chanukiah, Sevivon, and Sufganiah. You may use either plasticine or play doh. Also, I should note that Chanukah is a Holiday of light, thus we will be using a lot of yellow colors. However, there are no limitations within a creative process, therefore feel free to fantasize and use any colors that you may wish. Before we start, please prepare your art station and cover the table with a washable table cloth.

We suggest to start with “Chanukiah” – a candleholder with nine candles, that is lit during Chanukah.

1) Make a stand first. Then make nine candlesholder -“shamash”. Then take a piece of plasticine and roll it on the table. That will become a bottom.
2) In the same way, make 4 more narrower stands. Split them on half with the help of a toothpick.
3) Then slightly bend it and one by one attach all 8 sticks to the main stand. Plasticine may vary in its thickness. Make your candleholder thicker if it does not stand properly.
4) Make different colored candles, as well as imitation of light. Use small triangle shaped pieces of plasticine.
5) Attach the candles with the help of a toothpick.
6) You may also add decorations to the candleholder itself. Wow! Chanukiah is ready! Plasticine Chanukiah is absolutely safe for young children and will bring joy during this wonderful holiday season.

Now it is time to make Sevivon (Dradle in English) and Sufganiah.

7) Create a cube with a slightly pointy bottom. Then add the handle to the dradle.
8) On one of the sides of the dradle add colorful design.
9) You may decorate all four side. Sevivon is ready too!

How to prepare Sufganiah:

10) Roll one large yellow ball and flatten it with your hand. Add on top of it a piece of light-brown plasticine.
11) Sprinkle Sufganiah with “sugar powder”, made from white plasticine. Then add a small piece of red plasticine for jam.
12) Our Sufganiah is ready. Your children may create a lot of doughnuts and have a wonderful tea party with their dolls and toys.

We would like to invite you to take pictures of your creations and send them to us for a chance to win Curly Orli Lotto Game or “Curly Orli Goes to Vancouver” book.

Fantasize with your children! Create and play! Our children learn a lot during playtime. Dear readers, we truly hope that our lessons will inspire you and bring you many joyful moments with your children. Let your holidays be marry! In your spare time visit Curly Orli’s web page where you will find other free online lessons along with information about Curly Orli’s merchandise.
Happy Chanukah!

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Lana Lagoonca
Specially For Jewish Independent