Happy Valentine’s Day from Heron Lilly!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Happy Spooky Halloween!

Kids Halloween Crafts. My own owl

Enjoy our free tutorial! Create your own plasticine owl: http://curlyorli.com/tutorials/kids-halloween-crafts-my-own-plasticine-owl/

Rosh Hashanah Plasticine Fish

Happy Jewish New Year to all young readers and their parents!

Today, we will make a beautiful fish from plasticine. Unfortunately, you can’t eat it, but you can decorate your room with it. Fish is also traditionally part of the Rosh Hashanah meal, for it is a traditional symbol of fertility and prosperity. During this art lesson, you will need various colours of plasticine or play doh.

Read more: http://curlyorli.com/tutorials/rosh-hashanah-plasticine-fish/



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Get ready for more Curly Orli adventures!

Mass landings of an alien race?! Maybe not. However, dear readers you will have to wait another few months to find out. In the meantime get ready for more Curly Orli adventures!
with love, Lagoonca


Baby Moose with plasticine: Kids crafts for Canada Day

Let’s make Baby Moose for Canada Day!

Read more: http://curlyorli.com/tutorials/canada-day-crafts-for-kids-making-baby-moose-with-clay/


Happy Passover! Passover Plasticine Frog

In anticipation of Jewish Holiday, Passover, Curly Orli and I are making a cute froggy. Historically, frogs were one of the ten plagues of Passover. Besides, frogs are believed to be the bringers of spring!!!
These days, they are happily hopping in parks and forests after long winter slumber. Now you can have one of them at home… plasticine that is :)

Read more: http://curlyorli.com/tutorials/passover-plasticine-frog/


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Happy Purim! Making hamantaschen for Purim with plasticine

Purim Teas with "Haman's Ears"

Today, we will have a unique tea party celebration of a jewish holiday, Purim. For this day, jewish people bake a triangle-shaped cookies with jam or poppy seeds. These popular Purim cookies are called “Haman’s Ears” (“Oznei Haman”) or “Homentashn”. Let’s get to work! We will not need flour, eggs or other produce. Please, prepare…

My Digital Art Selected For Publication “Art Takes Times Square” 2012

In June 2012 I’ve participated in Art Times Square contest and a few days ago I finally received the Art Book with illustration from my “Curly Orli Goes To Vancouver”.

The book presented selected artworks from the Art Takes Times Square event held on June 18, co-produced by the artists support groups, Chashima and Artists Wanted. My illustration was one of 35,000 art works displayed on the billboards of Time Square NYC.

Thanks for all who voted for me!

with love, Lana Lagoonca

My Digital Art Selected For Publication “Art Takes Times Square” 2012 - 1


My Digital Art Selected For Publication “Art Takes Times Square” 2012 - 2


Curly Orli Goes To Vancouver in World Kids Books, Vancouver BC

Special Offer Price for Vancouver locals! Now just $6.95 at World Kids Books: www.worldkidsbooks.com

This bookstore located in International Village Mall:
#1123 – 88 West Pender St.
V6B 6N9 Vancouver, BC

World Kids Books


Photo credit Ema Peter

Curly Orli in World Kids Books


2013 Year of the Snake. Make Your Own Plasticine Snake

Make Your Own Plasticine Snake

According to Chinese calendar, 2013 is a year of the snake. That is why, we will make a snake during this New Year tutorial. It is easy! Create together with us, send the photos of your art to this email: curlyorli@gmail.com and win prizes. 1. First, prepare two strips of plasticine, each different colour and…