Happy Passover! Make a butterfly for spring.

Spring is the time of nature awakening, and we always enjoy so many vibrant and beautiful colors and shades. Spring is when we celebrate a unique and important for Jewish people holiday – the Passover. Let’s try and make together a festive Passover postcard with a spring butterfly against flowery background. This is the moment when we can unleash our fantasy and imagination! There are so many beautiful butterflies in the world – it is impossible to count. That is why there no strict rules in art projects. All we need is your creativity dear young artists. There is a challenge in this project: you will need to repeat your own design. It is because both wings of the butterfly have to be exactly the same in design and texture.

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*Special for Jewish Independent.

Spring butterfly for Passover 2016

Get your own plasticine Easter Egg! Happy Easter!

How to make your own plasticine Easter Egg

See more at: http://curlyorli.com/tutorials/how-to-make-your-plasticine-easter-egg/

Happy Purim! Making hamantaschen for Purim with plasticine

Have a delicious ‪#‎Purim‬ celebration with this FREE tutorial Purim Teas with “Haman’s Ears”!


Purim Teas with "Haman's Ears"

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Have a Spooky Halloween Everyone! Make your own plasticine owl.

Enjoy this fun craft activity with your kids and family.

Let’s do your own plasticine (or play doh) owl. http://curlyorli.com/tutorials/kids-halloween-crafts-my-own-plasticine-owl/

Kids Halloween Crafts. My own plasticine owl

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Make the New Year sweeter! Plasticine Apples dipped in honey for Rosh Hashana

Apples and honey are essential at Rosh Hashana’s festive table. An old tradition of eating apples dipped in honey reflects our hopes for “sweet” and prosperous New Year. Shall we try and make this treat together? – See more at: http://curlyorli.com/tutorials/make-the-new-year-sweeter-plasticine-apples-dipped-in-honey-for-rosh-hashana/

Happy Rosh Hashanah

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Canada Day Crafts for Kids. Making Baby Moose with plasticine

Our Baby Moose is ready for celebration! Are you?!

Enjoy our Canada Day tutorial “Making Baby Moose with plasticine”.
– See more at: http://curlyorli.com/tutorials/canada-day-crafts-for-kids-making-baby-moose-with-clay/

Baby moose

Boat for Daddy on Father’s Day. Making a Toy Boat with plasticine.

Create beautiful Father’s day present with your child!

Happy sailing! Happy Father’s day!

More pictures: http://curlyorli.com/tutorials/boat-for-daddy-on-the-fathers-day-making-a-toy-boat-with-clay/

A plasticine Rose for Mom on Mother’s Day

For our dear moms on Mother’s Day we will make a plasticine rose. We all know, the best present for every mom is the one prepared by her child’s own hands. – See more at: http://curlyorli.com/tutorials/a-rose-for-mom/

A Rose for Mom

Explore Vancouver BC: Curly Orli Felt Board Game and Key Chains

Words cannot express how special it is to see Curly Orli and her friends, the characters that you have come to love, not only on pages of my story book! These characters are now featured on handmade leather key chains by designer Lera Burshtein and in “Curly Orli Felt Board game” by designer Tatiana Lapotko.

Each key chain is: $29.99 <> Curly Orli Felt Board game is $39.99
Free worldwide shipping available. We accept PayPal: vlad@lunart.ca

Curly Orli Felt Board Game


Curly Orli hopes to find a sponsor for funding the manufacturing of keychains, as well as felt board and lotto games featuring her image. We have so many ideas! Let’s work together on materializing them.

With love, Lagoonca

I am so grateful for your love, dear readers.

It is very endearing when readers send me photos featuring the book Curly Orli, or when they would like to take a picture with me. My heart still skips a bit when someone asks me for an autograph. My specials thanks go to Chinese community for supporting my project. I am so grateful for your love, dear readers. I really appreciate it. Truly yours, Lagoonca, Curly Orli’s mom.
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