Passover for kids. Make your own Dove of Peace.

Dear readers,

Pesach is soon upon us! In honour of this holiday Curly Orli and I prepared a new tutorial for you. This time we will make one of the most popular symbols of judaism – Dove of Peace carrying an olive branch.

Plasticine is one of the magical substances. This plasticine Dove may become your toy or a decoration for your home during the holidays. You may also create a beautiful holiday card by taking a picture of this Dove on a colourful background.

For more information and pictures please follow the link below:

Passover for kids. Make your own Dove of Peace.

On our website you will find one more tutorial for Passover. In this lesson we are making plasticine Matzo. Also, there are many other wonderful free online lessons under Tutorials.
Create together with us. Send us your pictures: and you will have the chance to win book “Curly Orli goes to Vancouver” or Curly Orli Lotto Game. Our books are sold in Vancouver’s store Buchan’s Kerrisdale Stationery. You may also purchase it online through Amazon or Etsy.

Happy Holidays!
Wishing you all peace & happiness at Passover and throughout the year.

Lana Lagoonca

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to my Christian Friends!
May this Easter bring you hope, faith in goodness and human nature.
With love, Bunny Arni

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