November 13, 2011

Seasonally decorated stores remind us of the impending winter holidays, while our presentation of a new children’s book with plasticine illustrations “Curly Orli Goes To Vancouver” became a sweet farewell to the fall. The author of the book, a contemporary graphic designer and illustrator, Lana Lagoonca (real name Lana Ayelet Shahar-Kulik, lives in Richmond, BC) moved to Canada from Israel three years ago. “Curly Orli Goes To Vancouver” – is the first book in the series of “Plasticine Adventures” by Lana Lagoonca. This fairy tale celebrates the love of the city we live in and the love of life itself.

The main character, plasticine Curly Orli lives in Vancouver. This is the first city that the author is introducing to her young readers. While reading the book, written from Curly Orli’s point of view in her dairy, the readers will visit such sightseeing locations as Coal Harbour, Stanley Park and English Bay among many others. Also, the readers will meet with a few wild animals: Bunny Arni, Goose Simon, Raccoon Tony and Heron Lilly. All illustrations in the book are made with plasticine and then photographed, while the pages are designed in scrapbook style. The plasticine map of city’s most sought out places is also included. In the next series of “Plasticine Adventures” Curly Orli will continue her travels to other cities and countries.

The presentation of the book took place in Richmond’s synagogue “The Bayit” on November 13th, 2011. More than 100 people attended the event. The guests were given the opportunity to meet the art crew of the project, learn more about the events behind the scene, watch the promotional video clip and review the pages of the book on a large display. Moreover, the original plasticine figurines were presented for viewing. During the presentation, one of the families from Bellevue, Washington won a copy of the book in the lottery. Little guests were pleasantly surprised by sweet treats and activities in the art corner.
Where will Curly Orli travel this time? The readers will find that out in the next book in the series of “Plasticine Adventures”!

The author is humbly appreciative of the synagog “The Bayit” (Richmond, BC) & MAPLE GRILL – Kosher Restaurant (Vancouver, BC) for their support and sponsorship. The presentation was possible due to generous donation of synagog’s space.

Once again, the author is expressing her gratitude to those individuals who could not attend the presentation: Joanne Beauchamp (Text Editor), and SCRAPMAGIE & SM Inspiration (Project Sponsor).
The author is grateful for support: “VANCOUVER AND US” Russian Newspaper.


Photo credit: Leon Shkolnik